Simple Versioned Backups for MongoDB

Here’s a python script I use to quickly make versioned snapshot backups of a MongoDB database.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Save versioned backups of collections in MongoDB. Quick and dirty. """
import datetime
import shutil
import os
import subprocess
import zipfile
__author__ = 'Matt Swain'
__email__ = 'm.swain@me.com'
__version__ = '1.0'
__license__ = 'BSD'
db = 'testdb'
collections = ['test1','test2','test3']
backup_path = '/Users/matt/Documents/mongobackup/'
mongoexport_path = '/opt/local/bin/mongoexport'
mongoimport_path = '/opt/local/bin/mongoimport'
max_backups = 10
def compare_zips(file1, file2):
""" Compare the CRC of the first file in each zip. """
z1 = zipfile.ZipFile(file1)
z2 = zipfile.ZipFile(file2)
except IOError:
return False
crc1 = z1.getinfo(z1.namelist()[0]).CRC
crc2 = z2.getinfo(z2.namelist()[0]).CRC
return crc1 == crc2
def run_backup():
""" Export each collection to a file, hard link duplicates and delete old backups """
# Set up new backup folder
now = datetime.datetime.today().strftime('%Y%m%d-%H%M%S')
this_backup = os.path.join(backup_path, now)
print('Created new backup: %s' % this_backup)
# Save compressed collections to folder
for collection in collections:
print('mongoexport: %s' % collection)
filepath = os.path.join(this_backup, collection)
subprocess.call([mongoexport_path, '--db', db, '--collection', collection, '--out', filepath+'.json'])
with zipfile.ZipFile(filepath+'.zip', 'w', zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED, True) as myzip:
# Check for unchanged collections, and hard link to save space
for datedir in os.walk(backup_path).next()[1]:
if not datedir == now:
oldzip = os.path.join(backup_path, os.path.join(datedir, collection+'.zip'))
if compare_zips(filepath+'.zip', oldzip):
print('Unchanged from %s' % oldzip)
os.link(oldzip, filepath+'.zip')
# Delete old backups when there are more than max
while len(os.walk(backup_path).next()[1]) > max_backups:
shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(backup_path, os.walk(backup_path).next()[1][0]))
def restore_backup(collection):
""" Restore a collection from the latest backup """
latest_backup = os.path.join(backup_path, os.listdir(backup_path)[-1])
zippath = os.path.join(latest_backup,'%s.zip' % collection)
jsonpath = os.path.join(latest_backup,'%s.json' % collection)
z = zipfile.ZipFile(zippath)
with open(jsonpath,"w") as jsonfile:
jsonfile.write(z.read('%s.json' % collection))
db[collection].rename('%s_old' % collection)
subprocess.call([mongoimport_path, '--db', dbname, '--collection', collection, jsonpath])
if __name__ == '__main__':